CEO Message
Production Facilities
Although, we were established in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do in the 1950s, the company closed, due to surging cheap chemically-made soy sauces. However, my father, who had worked as a public official, founded the company again in 1994, gaining an appointment as a traditional food business from the government.
Thanks to the excellence of the products, we were rewarded a Presidential Prize in 1995, and the company grew and developed receiving intensive spotlight from the media including various newspapers and broadcasting companies for more than 100 occasions.
After my father passed away in 2003, the company has been operated with missions to protect our rural community, enhance the taste of our dining table, and keep family healthy.
Makama produces food products, based on contract growing of 100% Korean raw materials, and has been making our utmost efforts to make healthy foods imbued with the philosophy and genuine conscience to provide high quality foods. Our true heart is vested in our products with appointment of HACCP from the Korea Food & Drug Administration so as to make sanitary and clean foods.
We put all our energy to vigorous R&D and strive to make foods suitable for the tastes of the people in the world for the globalization of fermented foods, which are Korea's typical health foods.
As Hippokrates asserted, "The disease that cannot be cured by foods may not be treated by doctors or medication," we endeavor to be a company remembered as a conscientious firm considering consumer's health in priority, rather than a company pursuing only profits.
We think one way to return consumer's constant support for and reliability on us is to produce better healthy foods, and challenge prevalent fast foods.
We are committed to becoming a firm providing more diverse foods and help to improve the health of the people around the world.