CEO Message
Production Facilities
Dec. 2008 :   Awarded the Customer Impression Grand Prize of Korea organized by Hankook Ilbo
Sep. 2008 :   Designated as the HACCP-applied business by KFDA
Sep. 2008 :   Registered a patent of fermented soybean shampoo and the production method
Jul. 2008 :   Registered a patent of cake made from fermented soybeans and honey and how to make it
Jul. 2007 :   Designated as a promising medium sized enterprise in Chungcheongnam-do
Jun 2007 :   Quality recommenced by governor of Chungcheongnam
Mar. 2007 :   Industry-Academia-Research joint development project, "Functional Peptide Manufacture and Utilization using Fermented Soybeans"
Mar. 2007 :   INNO-BIZ certified
Aug. 2006 :   Expanded the factory in line with HACCP facility standards
Dec. 2005 :   Registered a patent of functional fermented soybean confectionery
Oct. 2005 :   ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified
Jul. 2005 :   Industry-Academia-Research joint development consortium project, "Development of Functional Confectionery using Fermented Soybeans"
Feb. 2004 :   Registered a patent of Junggongbong shaped fermented soybeans and the method to make soy sauce and soybean paste using them.
Aug. 2003 :   Managed by the third generation
Jun. 2002 :   Registered a patent of the indoor jar of soy sauce
Oct. 2001 :   Registered utility model for storage container of liquid foods
Jun. 1996 :   Established Makama Foods Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1995 :   Awarded the Presidential Prize in the Korean Agricultural Products Festival (Quality Area) in commemoration of 50th anniversary of liberation from the Japanese Rules
Aug. 1994 :   Established the company again Managed by the second generation in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do. Appointed as a traditional food business from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
1950s :   Established by the first generation in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do