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We make using 100% Korean soybeans.
This is the product that processed original liquid using a secret method for natural soy sauce making, without additives
(antiseptic, pigment, artificial sweetener).
Medium type of salinity of brewed soy sauce in between traditional native soy sauce and corporate-produced soy sauce since the initial stages of the firm’s establishment. Taste is slightly salty and makes you thirsty.

Awarded the Presidential Prize in the Korea’s Agricultural and Fishery Product Festival held in commemoration of Liberation from Japanese Rules in July 1995.
Suitable for Bulgogi, soup, hard-boiled foods, and seasoned vegetables.
Different cooking methods can be adopted according to seasoning formula of each household suitable for their own taste, like vinegar soy sauce and other types of sauce.
The soybeans, bought through contract growing with farmers for quality and stability of demand and supply, are preserved at low temperature.
Steam soaked soybeans at high temperature, and wash flour, dry it, and grind by roasting the flour to give taste.
Roast the flour so that it helps to keep the distance between the steamed soybeans so as for aspergillus oryzae cultivation to be conducted well.
After putting aspergillus oryzae and ferment malt (boiled soybean lamps), strip it off and soak with salt water, then store in a large ripening tank. After ripening good soy sauce, go through the process of filtration and sterilization.