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We strive to produce Korea’s premier products through the handed down secret method by carefully selecting Korean raw materials grown in Yeonsan, Chungnam, which is the non-polluted and clean area having clean air and refreshing spring water.
Diverse and proper seasoning sauces suitable for Korea’s dinging table are not developed at present.
When we eat fresh vegetables, a dining habit having them with Ssamjang is popular in Korea.
Although, there are some examples using flour, barley, and even barley bran, our Matgama Ssamjang is made from steamed flour mixed with fermented soybeans and some chili peppers.
All these materials are coordinated, and sufficiently ripen, before the Matgama Ssamjang is produced and delivered.
Although each household may vary, you can take highly nutritious, and tasty food, when you season pork with finely chopped onion, roast it with vegetable oil and mix up with Ssamjang.