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Food using 100% Korean soybeans and seasoned with Korean natural bay salt.
This product can be preserved long-term with natural fermentation and ripening.
You can take this product safely without using antiseptic or other additives.
Widely used to remove fishy smell, enliven pure taste of food, and enhance your appetite of the foods like various stews, soups, and seasoned vegetables for traditional dining table.
Soybean paste is known to have five virtues: Single heart in that soybean paste does not lose its unique flavor although it is mixed with other foods.
Consistent heart in that soybean past is not transformed for a long time.
Heart removing oily smell.
Soothing heart making bitter or hot taste into soft and tender taste.
Harmonious heart to be coordinated with any types of foods.
Soybean paste is a typical symbol of traditional food harmonizing with human body the most.
Soybean paste for soup
Give mild and soothing taste that both young and old cannot resist.

Soybean paste for stew
Universal example is fermented soybeans, which gives think, decayed and flavored taste and disgusting smell using acetobactor.

Soup soybean paste
Used for boiling soup by adding soybean paste like Matgama Soybean Paste to make dim, but soft and tasty soup.